Iguana endorses Brinkman and Lowe for City Commission vote April 8
March 2003

The City Commission of Gainesville will be expanding to seven members with this next election on April 8th. There are 11 candidates running for the 3 seats. We hope you'll go to soem foums and make your choice and vote. the open first seat has five persons, including incumbent Warren Nielsen; the field is a mix of pro-business and single-issue candidates. We are withholding any endorsement here.

Seat two at large we strongly favor Rob Brinkman, co-chair of the Green Party, accessible, progressive, and willing to make the commission his full-time job. Neither of his opponents would we consider backing as they are anti-choice conservatives. This is an excellent chance to get a good person on the Commission--we urge you to work on and donate to Rob's campaign.

The District 4 single member seat we favor Craig Lowe as an outsider whose leadership and awareness on diversity issues is a strong plus.

Here's a list of forums we know of at press time:

Volunteer and get out the vote!

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