AFL-CIO opposes Bush on Iraq war
March 2003

The nation's largest labor federation declared its opposition Thursday to war against Iraq at this time, saying President Bush has not made a case for an attack without broad support from U.S. allies.

The executive council of the AFL-CIO, made up of 65 unions, ended its four-day meeting by unanimously passing the carefully worded resolution, which also says Saddam Hussein must be disarmed-with "multilateral resolve, not unilateral action."

Organized labor had tough words for President Bush, without naming him directly, saying the United States has squandered the goodwill it enjoyed after the terrorist attacks and insulted the nation's allies.

"The president has not fulfilled his responsibility to make a compelling and coherent explanation to the American people and the world," the resolution said.

Organized labor has typically backed military action in the past, including strong support for the Vietnam War.

The resolution urges the Bush administration to pursue broad, global consensus to put pressure on Iraq, "ensuring that war, if it comes, will truly be a last resort."

[Washington Post, Feb. 23, 2003]

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