Help with olive harvest in Palestine
September 2002

The International Solidarity Movement and Grassroots International Protection for Palestinians is inviting international participation in the olive harvest in Palestine in October and November.

Throughout the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian land has been and continues to be confiscated by the Israeli government. Illegal Israeli colonies are built on occupied Palestinian land; more land is confiscated to build roads that encircle Palestinian villages but are not for use by Palestinians; Palestinians are locked up in their towns and villages as Israeli soldiers stand guard; Palestinians are not allowed to access their own property; crops go bad and the Palestinian economy worsens; oppression is ingrained but not accepted.

Since October 2000, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian trees have been bulldozed, uprooted or set ablaze by Israeli soldiers and settlers--200,000 of these olive trees. Olive trees are a symbol of the life of the Palestinian, and their destruction by Israeli forces is an attempt to de-root the Palestinians from their land.

The economic impact of Israeli policies on the olive sector has been massive--over 10 million dollars lost to damage in the past two years, and millions more to Israel's barring farmers from their land. And these policies are designed to have impact not just now, but for years to come--olive trees produce for generations. This year we are calling on you to join us for the olive harvest in Palestine.

With international accompaniment, we can help ensure that Palestinian farmers and landowners are not met with brutal and sometimes lethal violence as they attempt to till. With your help and participation we will undertake a campaign to highlight to the world the injustice of Israeli occupation that has stolen life, not only from Palestinians but also from Israelis.

The Olive Harvesting Campaign, part of the people's nonviolent resistance to the occupation, will be from October 15 - November 15, 2002. Orientation and training will be held on October 13 and 14. Please register to join us at For more information, please contact or see:,,

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