Radical Rush hits UF and SFCC
Joe Courter
September 2002

The fifth year of Radical Rush will take place September 24-27 at both the University of Florida and the Santa Fe Community College NW campus.

What is Radical Rush? Well, break down the words and you've got it. Dictionaries define radical as "advocating fundamental change in society by addressing the root cause of oppression." Rush is "entertain before making bids for membership." Radical Rush is an invitation to join others in the diverse human activity of making the world a better place, free of oppression, by the works of many people and groups acting in concert towards positive ends.

What you'll see is many tables staffed by activists from many organizations. There will be a guide for Radical Rush called "Active Gainesville," with information on local organizations as well as our community itself. Radical Rush at the University of Florida occurs at Turlington Plaza from Tuesday through Friday September 24-27, and at Santa Fe Community College at the northwest campus in the area near the new Student Activities Building (Bldg. S) on Wednesday and Thursday the 25th and 26th only.

Organizations also have evening events planned during the week--they are listed on the Iguana calendar or you can pick up information at the Radical Rush tables.

Radical Rush was the brainchild of the volunteers and activists at the Civic Media Center in 1998. The Civic Media Center is a community resource, a reading room and library of the non-corporate press, used by various organizations and individuals of many points of view. It is located at 1021 W. University Ave. Volunteer staffed, it houses over 4000 books, over a thousand videos and audio tapes, and thousands of magazines, newsletters, and journals. It also houses a huge collection of small independent zines, probably the largest collection in the southeast, all there for your use.

The CMC was founded in October 1993, and is independent and volunteer run. The CMC's library is funded by memberships, which give members a library card to check out materials. Memberships are on a $10-$20 sliding scale.

The CMC also hosts poetry, music, videos, discussions, and meetings. It's located at 1021 W. University Ave. and open noon to 7:30 Monday through Saturday.

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