Peace delegation travels to Colombia, then Columbus, Ga.
July/August 2002

In light of the deteriorating political situation in Colombia, the international community is becoming increasingly concerned about human rights in that country and the impact of the U.S. backed internal warfare on civilians, particularly the poor. This summer Witness for Peace and SOA Watch are conducting a joint delegation to witness first hand the effect of U.S. foreign policy regarding Latin America. With a long history of training some of the worst human rights abusers in the hemisphere, the U.S. Army's School of the Americas (now known by its new name WHISC) plays an important role in the "war on terrorism" (formerly known as the "war on drugs", formerly known as the "war on communism") which effectively boils down to a war on the poor and those who would disrupt the current repressive social order.

The WFP/SOAW delegation consists of about twenty people from around the country. Upon returning to the U.S. the delegation will gather at the gates of Fort Benning for a nonviolent witness and direct action at the SOA on August 11. Additionally, there will be an intensive activist skills training session immediately following the action. This training will provide a full nonviolence training and training for trainers session, legislative and media workshops, tips for local group organizing and fundraising, and basic consensus decision-making and facilitation skills training.

Organizers of the events invite interested people to come to Columbus, Georgia on August 11th to engage in direct action at the gates of Ft. Benning, and stay for more activists skills training to prepare for the annual protest at the School of the Americas in November.

For more information on this training, contact Eric LeCompte in the national office at 202-234-3440 or

For more information for people in Gainesville travelling to Ft. Benning in August or November contact barb howe at 271-6989 or

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