Vote Barrow, Goldstein in April 16 runoff
Joe Courter
April 2002

April 2nd's city elections in Gainesville yielded two runoffs, for the District 2 and 3 seats. In what was in effect a Democratic primary, the three Democrats in each race split the vote while the single Republican emerged in second place in each race. The races are nonpartisan.

Former mayor/commissioner Mark Goldstein in District 3 and incumbent John Barrow in District 2 are our recommendations over their pro-business and very conservative opponents for the April 16 runoff. Turnout is likely to be light so here's a time when each person's vote can really count. Something we should appreciate in Florida.

The strong Republican turnout in this race ought to be a wake up call for all Democrats and progressives. We need to work together looking toward the fall races of there's any chance of dislodging the Republicans and their son of a Bush in the governor's office.

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