City Commission endorsements; vote April 2 in districts 2 & 3
March 2002

Two City Commission races are coming up for City districts 2 and 3. The election is Tuesday, April 2.

In District 3 Unitarian minister Jack Donovan, former Mayor-Commissioner Mark Goldstein, former UF student body president Alex Patton, and former teacher Tony Domenech are running for the seat being vacated by Pegeen Hanrahan. Both Donovan and Goldstein are known as long time progressive activists in Gainesville. Goldstein does not favor a Civilian Police Review Board, saying complaints should go directly to the Commission. Donovan favors it. On the living wage ordinance, Goldstein and Donovan both favor it, and Patton opposes it.

The National Organization for Women chapters said that Donovan, Goldstein, and Patton are good on feminist issues and endorsed all three. They had not interviewed or received a questionnaire yet from Domenech. Patton has raised the most money by far.

Tell us again why progressives (Donovan and Goldstein) are running in the same race? Is this a sign of strength (there are a lot of us-we can afford to fight among ourselves) or weakness (we can't get unity and aren't even trying)? Since we have to pick, we endorse Jack Donovan, because he's not just good on environment & development issues, but is willing to take stands on the controversial social issues as well, such as the Citizen Police Review Board.

In District 2 the incumbent John Barrow is being challenged by Harold Saive, Rick Bryant, and Ed Braddy. NOW endorses Barrow. Saive is also known as an environmentalist and is progressive.

Barrow seems to have served as well as any of the liberal anti-developer types. He opposed the 2 o'clock bar closing craziness, in the face of hysterical opposition. Neither Barrow nor any of the other 'liberals' on the commission has been any help on loosening up the rules on fliering, but there's not evidence his opposition would be any different. We endorse John Barrow, with Saive as an honorable mention.

The Central Labor Council has not yet voted their choice in either race.

Want to know more about where the candidates stand? The Civic Media Center will hold a candidates forum on Wed., March 27th (District 2 at 7:30 p.m., District 3 at 8:30 p.m.) 1021 W. Univ. Ave. 373-0010.

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