Nader leads rally in Tampa April 13
March 2002

On Saturday, April 13th, Ralph Nader's "People Have The Power Tour" arrives in Tampa to serve up some "fresh-squeezed democracy" at the USF Sun Dome. This will be the ninth event of a new tour to help strengthen American democracy, build a long lasting progressive movement and fight for global justice. Nader, along with special guest speakers and performers, is returning to Tampa to support:

Democracy Rising, a non-profit organization founded by Ralph Nader, will host the event along with co-sponsors 88.5 WMNF Community Radio and the Campus Greens.

"The purpose of these events is to bring people together in cities across America, which is especially critical now," said Nader, 2000 Presidential Candidate of the Green Party. "Among the reasons Floridians must work together is that civil liberties for all Americans are at risk in the Congress and the Executive Branch. While we mourn the victims of the recent tragedies, we will honor their memory by working together to make sure the values of democracy, enforcement of the laws, the respect for human rights, and the protection of all innocent people prevail here and are spread around the world."

Nader likened this current tour to the "Super Rallies" he headlined during his bid for the Presidency in 2000. Those rallies filled nine arenas from Seattle's Key Arena to New York's Madison Square Garden with crowds that greatly surpassed turnouts generated by the major candidates. The current "People Have the Power Tour" is being sponsored by Nader's new Democracy Rising organization, which seeks to unify progressives "in the cause of freeing American politics from the grip of corporate interests," he said.

On August 4 2001, Nader held his first major rally since the election in Portland, OR, which packed in 7,500 people. Recording artist Eddie Vedder, actor and social activist Danny Glover, spoken-word performer Jello Biafra, and Global Exchange's founder Medea Benjamin were among some of the speakers and performers who joined Nader at the rally. Since Portland, Nader's "People Have the Power tour" has filled arenas in Phoenix, San Francisco, Cleveland, Boston, and Toledo. Last month, Nader kicked off his 2002 "People Have the Power Tour" with a 5,000-person rally in Austin, TX. This included appearances by political pundit Molly Ivins and "America's #1 Populist" Jim Hightower, and performances by singer/songwriters Patti Smith and Jackson Browne. Democracy Rising is also preparing future Super Rallies in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and New York for later this spring.

In Tampa Bay, numerous community leaders, performers, and citizen activists will join Nader. The goal of the rally is to help inform, inspire, and activate citizens to work for grassroots democracy, electoral reform, environmental protection, and global justice, and to raise thousands of volunteer hours for local progressive issues. Rally spectators will fill Tampa's USF Sun Dome and work with more than 100 citizen groups fighting for grassroots campaigns.

Tickets are $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door. Advance tickets will be available in Gainesville at Hyde & Zeke Records, 1025 W. Univ. Ave. For more info visit:

Democracy Rising will be promoting tabling and live music starting at 5:00pm. To volunteer, purchase tickets and for more info on tabling at the event you can call Katie at 813-956-3441.

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