Army School of Americas protests November 17-18
November/December 2001

There will be protests in Columbus, Georgia, at the site of the School of the Americas, Saturday and Sunday, November 17-18, Organizers argue that if the U.S. wants to stop terrorism, the U.S government needs to stop training and equipping terrorists (see article on p. 32). Previous years have drawn over 10,000 protesters to the site, with last year's protest drawing 12,000.

On Saturday, Nov 17, a vigil and rally will be held from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at South Columbus Park, on Benning Drive, behind the post office, near the intersection of Victory Dr. and Benning Dr. Organizers report they have received a permit from the city for this rally.

On Sunday, they plan to gather at the same location and march to the main entrance of Ft. Benning, 1.5 miles away. According to organizers, the city has refused to grant a permit for Sunday. "All are invited to participate with the knowledge that this is not a permitted rally," organizers say. "A 1,000 foot long chainlink fence is being constructed, cutting off the main entrance. Please bring crosses, Stars of David or other symbols to carry in the procession. Flowers, ribbons and colorful signs and banners can be used to turn this fence into a memorial wall for those killed by graduates of the SOA. As the procession reaches the entrance, people may continue forward in the spirit of reverence and attempt to go over or around the fence and deliver the symbols to the SOA headquarters, two or three miles inside the base."

For more information or to join a local carpool to the protest, call Michael at 336-8743. The carpool from Gainesville will leave Friday, November 16, at 5:15 in the afternoon. The School of Americas Watch website is

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