Activist arrested while talking to passersby about U.S. military plans
September/October 2001

Wil Van Natta, an activist and reporter in Palm Beach County, was arrested on July 28 in a parking lot at Kennedy Space Center. According to the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, "Wil, who publishes "Reality News" was there as a journalist asking people who were arriving if they had heard of the document "Vision for 2020." He was immediately arrested on July 28 while the dozen others who were holding banners were only threatened and allowed to move to the "designated protest area" at the space center."

According to Van Natta, he heard security personnel saying "there he is" as he got out of his car after arriving and subsequently he was arrested. All he had done from the time he got out of his car to the time of his arrest was ask people in the parking lot if they had heard of "Vision for 2020," a U.S. military document which makes the point that space weapons are really about "control and domination" of space, and not so-called "missile defense."

Joe Durocher, who was named the #1 Public defender in the nation, has come out of retirement to defend Van Natta in this case of denial of his first amendment rights.

For more information, and updates on Van Natta's trial date, contact the Global Network at (352) 337-9274 or email You can obtain a copy of the document "Vision for 2020" by emailing the same address.

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