Nepotism--not just for the Bushes any more
August 2001

Perhaps taking the lead from the Bush family's dynastic tendencies, other government officials have taken the opportunity to see that their own get appointed. Columbia University law professor Patricia J. Williams writes June 4, 2001 in the Nation: "Within the first hundred days while media pundits were absorbed with wondering whether Chelsea Clinton had political aspirations, Colin Powell's son became head of the FCC. William Rehnquist's daughter was nominated for Inspector General with Health and Human Services. Antonin Scalia's son was made Solicitor of Labor. Clarence Thomas's wife was nominated for a top position in the Office of Management and Budget. And Strom Thurmond's son, only three years out of law school, was hand-picked by Strom himself to be South Carolina's US Attorney."

(Thanks to Katherine Kelly and the Florida Young Feminist Taskforce for this info.)

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