Democracy Summer 2001 -- June 17-23 at Florida A&M University
April 2001

Our time has come. Remember the Florida election? Butterfly ballots, hanging chads, roadblocks, recounts--and the sinking feeling in the stomachs of the American people that this is not the way democracy is supposed to work?

Now is the time to rise up and demand change. Even Congress is suddenly tackling campaign finance reform, and several states are considering re-enfranchising ex-felons. Everybody knows: until Washington ceases to be a white boys' network of power lunches and backroom deals, progressive change will be impossible.

Democracy Summer 2001 is an historic gathering of a multi-ethnic and cross-generational alliance of organizations and individuals committed to building a pro-democracy movement. First, the Democracy Institute, a week-long training on electoral reform and organizing skills, will take place June 17-23 at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida's state capital (the scene of the crime).

After that week, participants will be placed in activist-internships around the country according to their interest and availability.

This Pro-Democracy Campaign has been developing ever since the Florida election scandal hit, and over 100 organizations have endorsed a 10-point Voters' Bill of Rights:

  1. Strict Enforcement of the Voting Rights Act
  2. Abolition of the Electoral College
  3. Clean Money Elections
  4. Instant Runoff Voting
  5. Proportional Representation
  6. Voting Rights for Former Prisoners
  7. Making Voting Easier and More Reliable
  8. Easier Candidate Access to the Ballot, Media, and Debates
  9. Independent and Non-Partisan Election Bodies
  10. Statehood for the District of Columbia

(for the full text go to

At the Democracy Institute, we will learn, organize, and brainstorm about:

Democracy Summer is our opportunity to build a movement in our own image. Let's get this party started! For more information, contact Tanya or Sekou at Democracy Summer, 202-234-9382, or e-mail Also visit our website at

Sponsoring Organizations: Black Youth Vote, Democracy Matters, Fannie Lou Hamer Project, Global Exchange, Independent Progressive Politics Network (IPPN), Institute for Policy Studies/Progressive Challenge, NAACP Youth and College Division, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, and Rock the Vote. See for a complete list of endorsers and for application information.

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