Momentum flowing to save Ichetucknee
March 2001

We are determined to stop the Ichetucknee Cement Kiln from being built and/or operable. After all the morale-shattering shananigans the state has pulled, the people are mobilizing again. Some never ceased. Many people, groups, and movements are actively struggling to stop Anderson Columbia A/C aka. Suwannee American Cement.

The public is catching on, "Not a Done Deal, No Ichetucknee Cement Kiln!" Ichetucknee Mobilization feels tremendously inspired by the support that has been drummed up recently. There is hope and activity in the air. We can save the Ichetucknee.

Ichetucknee Mobilization, movement of the people, targeted the source of our problem. Our last event on Febuary 20th entailed us traveling to Old Town. Old Town is the home of Joe Anderson (President of Suwannee American Cement) and the location of Anderson Columbia's home office. We created a future bill, charging A/C for all the medical bills that will occur when people are contaminated by the pollution emitted from the kiln. Unfortunately, they declined the bill and an opportunity to speak with us. However, it was encouraging to confront A/C with the harsh reality they are attempting to create.

We are not going away. We are mobilizing for no Ichetucknee cement kiln. Please stay tuned into upcoming events. Please make donations to the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, earmarked Ichetucknee Mobilization, and send them to Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, P.O. Box 207, Gainesville,FL 32602.


EVERY MONDAY AT 8 PM: Weekly Ichetucknee Mobilization meetings at 234 SW 3rd St. in Gainesville, in the barn in the back. The day and time has changed so please be aware.

MARCH 13TH, TUESDAY: Visit local Gainesville D.E.P. office, this is located off of Tower Rd. We want to demonstrate our lack of faith for the D.E.P. and that we demand proper attention be brought to this issue. WE aren't going away and WE WILL NEVER BE SILENCED!!!! This is here in town and easy to attend. Start 10 am and go till employee lunch break return, 2 pm. Come for however short or long, express your disappoint with D.E.P.

MARCH 15TH, THURSDAY: COALITION meeting starting at 7 pm at John Parrinos out in Branford (where the Martin Luther King Day rally was held). Take 441 North and take a left onto Hwy. 27 in High Springs and go west on North Hwy. 27 through High Springs and Fort White, go past South entrance to Ichetucknee State Park, go over the little bridge then go around 3 miles and take a left on 43rd St and then a right on 276th Terrace, follow all the way back.

MARCH 17TH, SATURDAY: ACTION/RALLY: there is an Eco-tourism center opening up in White Springs and JEB! will be there and so will we. The ribbon cutting should be around 11 am we'll have more details soon.

MARCH 31st, SATURDAY: Yard Sale fundraiser, Vegan BBQ and food. This will be at Health Yes parking lot at 501 NW 23rd Ave. We are accepting donations at 234 SW 3rd St. You can bring them back to the barn, or leave on front porch. The yard sale starts early at 8 am, please attend and help set up. It takes a while and it's good to have folks there to hand out info. Great opportunity to share with people what's happening.

APRIL 1 ST, SUNDAY: SILENT MEDITATION at the Ichetucknee Head Spring. We will start gathering at 12and have a ritual around 12:30. This is an event in which we will raise and exchange energy with the spring and river creating a protective force field around the sacred land. The meditation shall last around 30 minutes, and following will be a potluck, bring some delicious food, yourselves, and instruments.

APRIL 17TH, TUESDAY: Heading to Tally, for another PROTEST EXTRAVAGANZA!! Yes, we are off to Tally once again. We must let our presence and concerns be known. We will be paying some of our favorite misguided folks a visit, again. This will be an all day event so please come with. More details as we move closer to this date.

MAY 26th, 27th, & 28th, MONDAY, MEMORIAL DAY: Saturday and Sunday we will beat the entrances to Ichetucknee handing out flyers and gathering signatures for petitions. Monday we want to have another fun-filled exciting day of people rallying, reaching out, music, speakers, and a march. This is planned to be held at John Parrino's. And of course we expect to have the cement kiln stopped by then. We'll just have to get together and celebrate.

Ichetucknee defender Oliver Moore at the headquarters of Anderson Columbia in Old Town. Protesters presented Anderson Columbia with a bill for future medical problems expected due to their cement kiln.

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