Gil Marshall

I planned a poster to carry with me as I wandered the streets of D.C. I was arrested there in 1972 when there was a police riot under the directorship of Tricky Dick. We were attacked by police in roving packs of Lambrettas. They aimed to run us over. The tactic was to aim at us, quickly turn away,lay the scooter over, let it slide into us and while we were attending to our hides they would attack with clubs. I was splattered with the blood of a guy in our group whose head was split open.

I knew the D.C. constabulary to be vicious and planned a sign to say something like:

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are governed by (controlled by) fascists. They will beat you, kick you, gas you, jail you and kill you, for freedom is an illusion if anyone is not free. We are none free until we are all free. (Somebody else said that).

But as you know D.C. was a busy place and the sign did not get made, but I did have two others and they had the following, and I include them because they bear on the topic.

The police murdered Amadou Diallo and no one is guilty of anything. There is no protection from police brutality. There is no justice in law. (It is unfortunate that I know this to be true. Those of you who went to D.C. probably wouldn't argue otherwise.)

The other sign says this:

Fascism has reared it ugly head again, and showed its colors true; red, white and blue. Seattle is everytown, anytime, and Amadou Diallo is you.

They will beat you, they will kick you, they will gas you, they will jail you, and they will kill you, and they represent our government. It is time for a change of government. Our constitution gives us the right and the obligation to make the change Mr. Policman. Be careful for the police brutality of today is a tried crime in a different court and if freedon cannot really ring those that live by violence will perish thus. So said the good book.

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