Times are rapidly changing and I'm afraid. The right is winning and human RIGHTS are losing. The time to educate is now! The time to organize is now! The time to act is now! We, human beings, do have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and happiness but these rights are falling away avalanche by avalanche. To say falling away though implies a natural occurrence, this is not a natural occurrence by any means. We are losing our rights and our liberties hourly; they are being stolen from us. Our governmental representatives, corporations, private wealthy individuals, etc. are on the rampage in the pursuit for the greater accumulation of wealth and power. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are two of the vast array of mediums which they use daily to exploit us, to alienate us, to objectify us, to stupefy us, to numb us, to de-politicize us, to corrupt us, to maim us, to murder us, to enslave us! These are premeditated acts of extreme violence against humanity which they are constantly taking. Nations are occupied in the name of democracy. Children are slaughtered in the name of freedom! Mothers, with their babes in arm, are murdered in the name of justice! No logic can justify this. CHECK YOUR PREMISES! Why is it that abroad and at home educational systems are drastically lacking sufficient supplies and resources because the country they are in, i.e. the people, must pay an illegitimate debt for which they had absolutely nothing to do with accruing? At home and abroad social services and utilities are being sacrificed on the IMF debt alter because wealthy international bankers and multinational corporations (MNCs) are making poor financial decisions and thriving on the speculative market. I hear time and time again, "How can we pour money into crime prevention when there is such a huge debt for us to pay." AAAAGGGHHHHH! It's not OUR debt!!! It is their own debt. We must stop thinking that these things are our fault. "Pick a point on the globe and the picture's the same." This is a global epidemic and it will take a global cure. We have got to educate ourselves, and others, about what is going on to ourselves and to them. When we purchase goods at one store or another we have got to throw into the potential transaction the past and present practices of the producer of the item(s) we are consuming. We have got to begin to thinking globally and acting locally. We are rapidly losing ground in regards to the safeguarding of our rights as human beings and we must get them back. No longer can we afford to remain on the defensive but we are now forced, due to the extreme nature of the problem(s) we are facing, to act offensively.
- concerned

To do list: a) buy less useless shit, b) think more, c) read more, d)
educate yourself, e) educate others, f) be more observant, g) open your
mind and hear a little more each day, h) give a hug rather than a
handshake, I) watch children play, j) perform random acts of kindness
and see what human nature is really about, k) keep a journal, l) get out
of the house, m) turn off the television, n) have friends over for
dinner, o) engage others in conversation, p) don't be afraid to talk
about politics, q) don't be afraid to talk about economics, r) always
check your premises, s) take a walk for the sake of taking a walk, t)
help someone else with their work, u) question everything, v) you have
two ears and one mouth so use them accordingly, w) don't let words or
ideas scare you; make a concerted effort to understand them, x) don't
let others frighten you; make a concerted effort to understand them, y)
realize that there are more people on the face of this planet than you,
z) smile.
- concerned

chants, slogans, and signs for everyday use

? Whose streets? Our streets?
? This is what democracy looks like
? Judge the judges
? More World. Less Bank.
? Buy less and think more
? Restructure the fucker

Brick newspapers with spraypaint for print? Scattered songs of a rising uprising? Art is one of the most important mediums for us within this movement. Those who have the time and the resources available to them must take it upon themselves to not be stifled by political incorrectness and publishing blasphemers; instead go forth and spread what is real. Communicate humanity and sings songs of hope. We've got to saturate and infiltrate the world with reality. Never will the corporate world hold itself accountable for its biases and its shortcomings. We must use our creativity and express ourselves through our art forms whether they be music, novels, poetry, chalking, graffiti, screams, and sculptures. We are the voice of the voiceless who are not at the same "liberties" to perform as this. We can cross borders and boundaries to get across the points we should and need to be making.
- concerned


NOW is the time
to unbind your mind
fuck the Times
and unblind your eyes
No F M I
we must be primed
to tear off the guise
it is their demise
they're the crime
now WE draw the line
because it's OUR time to shine
- concerned

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