And lest we think it's only Florida, read this dispatch from Tennessee:
Cathy Danielson
November/December 2000

The national NAACP has been holding hearings on C-SPAN and presenting evidence from many states, including Michigan, New York, Iowa (yes, Iowa!), Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee. I have been gathering proof in Nashville. I went to Fisk and TSU today and handed out flyers, urging people to contact the Election Commission if they had evidence of voter fraud here.

I met with the Nashville NAACP today. Voter fraud happened in Nashville, it is no longer tentative! In addition to the polling place in an African-American neighborhood (Hadley Park) closing early and the DMV voters told on election day they weren't really registered, being sent downtown to stand in line for 5 hours, 600 people, three voting machines, and NO ELECTION OFFICIALS FOR TWO HOURS... there are new reports of incredible rudeness to African-American voters at many precincts, and African-American voters being told they needed a registration card (not legal!!!) in order to vote. It only remains to be proven that it was deliberate, and to find out exactly who was responsible. We are putting pressure on the district attorney. Evidence is also coming in from Memphis.

THIS IS NOT PARTISAN, not about being Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or whatever! This issue will live long after the president is decided. PLEASE spread this info to everyone you know. Our civil rights hang in the balance.

Cathy Danielson
Nashville, Tennessee

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