Charter Amendment One: Clean Air and Water
October 2000

It is critical that this amendment pass. It will be on the November ballot. Recommended by the Charter Review Committee along with three others, this amendment allows Alachua County to set and enforce minimum standards for air and water pollution. This is very important in light of the cement plant controversy and the recent annexation of it by Newberry. Also, thousands of acres in the county have been annexed by different small municipalities since then.

Air and water are not confined by city boundaries and what happens in one part of the county can effect us all It only makes sense that the county should monitor and enforce the standards. They have an agency with 20 years of experience and 30 trained professionals and established funding to do the job. The main problem is that it is the end of the ballot, voters are not aware of it and what it means, the wording is legalistic and difficult to understand, there a lot of items on the whole ballot creating voter fatigue and the voters may just decide not to vote. Please make your coworkers, friends and neighbors aware of this amendment and its importance.

Visit the Clean Water and Air Committee webpage at Send contributions, desperately needed, to PMB 206,7257 NW 4th Blvd., Gainesville, Fl. 32607, and write letters to the editor (examples can be seen at the webpage.).

And remember, One county...Make the environment #1, Vote yes on Charter Amendment #1, Nov. 7.

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