Prison Reform Unity Day is July 15
Kay Lee
July 2000

The Prison Reform Unity Project (PRUP) needs your help on July 15, when demonstrations will be held simultaneously at every prison and every Capitol in the United States. Starting at 4:00 p.m. EST, the demonstrations will focus on several Human Rights issues selected jointly by the PRUP coordinators and each prison or Capitol demonstration leader(s). All individuals, groups, and/or organizations interested in prison reform are asked to join this event.

This will be the first time in history for all states to band together for a common cause. PRUP hopes to bring together individuals to actively participate with activist groups on Prison Reform Unity Day thereby encouraging people to join the existing organizations, thus strengthening and further empowering them.

To see why I will be standing at a prison on July 15th, visit my website at Follow the prisoner link. You may be shocked at what's going on in Florida prisons - unfortunately it's happening all over the country.

I've recently become the Florida Contact for PRUP's July 15th 2000 Nationwide Prison Vigil. Their goal is to vigil at every prison in the nation on the same day. So, of course, I'm wondering what YOU will be doing on that day.

What I'm asking people to do on Saturday, July 15th is take a friend or family member or two, a camera, and a couple of signs, choose a prison nearby and stand in front of it for one hour beginning 4:00 EST. If you prefer a courthouse, that's fine too.

I created a trifold called "Could Conditions Inside America's Prisons Touch the Lives of Those I Love?" Simple and informative. If you want one to make copies of, send me your address and a SASE. My address is 2613 Larry Court, Eau Gallie, Florida 32935.

By the way, I've discovered that the right-of-way, by the side of the road, is public property and no matter what anyone says, you have the legal right to stand there and hand out information. It's called free speech. I prefer to stand right outside the prison gates close to where the cars drive in. More people who need it get your information.

You've heard Amnesty International's statements on America's justice system and prisons? Things are much worse than we thought. What do you say? Can you go stand at a prison for one hour starting 4:00pm EST, July 15th, to let the prisoners, your fellow citizens, and your 'leaders' know that we are civilized people who want our prisoners treated humanely and our justice system cleaned up? That we don't understand the mad rush to judgement, and that two million prisoners are way too many.

If you are willing to give an hour of your time in Florida to swing this beast in the direction of peace, contact me, Kay Lee, via email or phone (321-253-3673) and let me know your chosen vigil location.

My vigil will be at Starke prison between Gainesville and Jacksonville and anyone who can't do their own, is welcome to join me.

For more information, visit the Prison Reform Unity Project website at

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