"Gainesville--A16": A bonus for subscribers
May/June 2000

The buzz of energy for the dozens of Gainesvillians was too much to contain once we got back from DC after the April 16 protests against the IMF & World Bank. The 32-page insert you subscribers found within your Iguana is a product of that buzz, that we are happy to ship to you at no additional charge to us on our bulk mail account.

Those readers who pick up the Iguana at a distribution box or get it by first class mail need to get in touch to get a copy though. Two thousand were printed and they would cost 75¢ apiece to mail out. In it is background on the whole IMF/World Bank protest and accounts of over a dozen people's experience at the D.C. protests, or attitude about what they experienced, as well as and other sources of info.

For a copy of "Gainesville--A16," write and send a donation to the Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Ave., Gainesville FL 32601 and we will send you a copy. Or just come by and ask for one. To email, contact a16gainesville@hotmail.com.

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