Civic Media Center's got the (censored) goods
May/June 2000

Moon Magazine's May 2000 issue features a cover story on the top ten of the 25 most underreported or ignored stories named by Sonoma State University's annual Project Censored in April. Moon highlights the local angle on one of the top ten: Story #8 about the push to put weapons in space and the work of the Gainesville-based Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Also featured is an article by Harriet Ludwig on Bruce Gagnon and the work of this organization. Moon also lists the web site of Project Censored, which is, where all 25 stories are available.

One thing that stood out to me, as a founding member of the Civic Media Center, is how most of the publications named in the Project Censored list are in the Media Center library: Dollars and Sense, The Nation, Mother Jones, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists,Workers World, American Journalism Review, Earth Island,Toward Freedom, Southern Exposure, Extra!, In These Times, Covert Action Quarterly. All these are named in the Top Ten. All are in the Media Center.

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