Ralph Nader runs for president on Green ticket
May/June 2000

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader declared his candidacy for President on the Green Party ticket. When he is selected at the Green Party convention, he will then be on the ballot in Florida.

The national campaign has at two immediate goals--first to get the 5 percent which will allow the Green Party to get federal election funds (as the Reform Party has done.) Second, to get Ralph Nader into the national debates. Nader has a legal team working on this and Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. has introduced a bill to let anyone who polls above 5% to participate in the debates. The goal is to have a voice against corporate power heard in this national forum, and to give the two corporate parties a run for their money. An April 4 Zogby America poll of likely voters found that Nader is getting 5.7% support nationally among likely voters (Buchanan got 3.6% in this same poll.) That was shortly after Nader announced. His running mate is Winona LaDuke.

In Gainesville, the campaign for Nader is gearing up. The Green Party meets at the Civic Media Center on Wednesday, 17 May, at 6 p.m.

Contact Gainesville Nader 2000 coordinator Zack Finley at 337-1608 by email at zackfinley@yahoo.com.

For more information: Ralph Nader for President 2000, the official home page for the Nader campaign http://www.votenader.com/

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