Hey, Y'All, Come on Out to the Jam!
April 2000

Come one, come all to the Civic Media Center Poetry Jam, Thursday nights at 9pm. The Jam's "First Church of the Word" is having a revival! Brothers and sisters, we need all poets and word artists of all styles to come on down and make this celebration of verbal variety complete! New host Nick Tishuk is bringing a new style and lots of energy to help crusty old codger Jimmy Fishhawk and the other regulars get reinvigorated, new poets get more exposure, and the audience get more wild, wonderful, wise wordflows in all forms, from traditional to prosaic, from post-Beat to hip-hop to acoustic musically-enhanced. The Jam is Gainesville's longest-running open mic(less) poetry happening, newly retrofitted for the new millenium. We're talkin' standing-room-only audiences and runnin' on long past midnight, y'all! Check it out.

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