Hippodrome Cinema: Your place in the dark
March 2000

Have you ever been relaxing in the East Gallery at the Hippodrome and wondered about that strange little gray door that seems to lead nowhere? Were you startled when the door suddenly swung open and from behind it emerged squinty-eyed, smiling person? The smile is easy to explain: inside that door is the projection booth for the Hippodrome Cinema. Don't be shy--knock on that door sometime and we'll be happy to give you a tour of our little world.

From inside that booth we proudly project current, award-winning independent and foreign films. Films that are by no means "low budget" and you won't find them at most commercial cinemas.

If you've never seen a film at the Hippodrome Cinema, watch out--it can become addictive. Our stadium seats are plush and gently rock as you sip your cocktail or coffee and munch on snacks from the bar. You'll be able to splurge on lots of goodies because your movie only costs $3.00 at our new matinee prices on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. We also offer cinema memberships that get you into all the seasons' movies for $3.50, or perhaps you've benefited from our student or senior discount.

There's a certain satisfaction that comes from supporting the only dedicated art-house cinema in the region and knowing your money is going directly to the Gainesville community rather than to a corporation. The Hippodrome Cinema is celebrating its 18th season and we welcome you to get hooked on our films and the intimate atmosphere of your own community cinema.

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