Protest the WTO in Seattle on Nov. 30
November/December 1999

When the history of the global economy gets written many years from now this date will rank as a key turning point. The World Trade Organization-the world's most powerful legislative body-will be holding a Ministerial Summit in Seattle from November 29-December 3, 1999. During the meeting, President Clinton & V.P. Gore, along with trade ministers from 134 countries, will shape the rules of the global economy for decades to come. They will be furthering the transnational corporate agenda in areas such as investment, agriculture, intellectual property, and forest products.

Clinton will be attemting to push the "Global Free Logging Agreement," which will dramatically limit our ability to protect the worlds remaining forests. These new rules and policies will continue and expand the WTO's subordination of democracy and national sovereignty. Since its establishment, the WTO has logged a consistent record against protections for environment, endangered species, labor rights, and human rights, by labeling them "non-tariff barriers to free trade."

Tens of thousands of organizers, students, and citizen activists from all over the country and the world will be in Seattle demonstrating against the WTO. November 30 is the Global Day of Action to End Corporate Rule. Solidarity actions against corporate targets will occur in cities around the country. We will demand an end to the globalization of the corporate agenda.

Hundreds of Seattle-area families are offering to host you and the thousands of others. Call the Fair Trade Campaign to get more information on the WTO, and Seattle travel and lodging (toll free: 877-STOP-WTO). Also see the Direct Action Network website at

Global Exchange and others are organizing several events and spaces for the week including a Fair Trade Fair, a mass demonstration, and more. Contact us at 415-255-7296 ext.351.

Global Exchange will be providing info on targets, sample press releases/packets, posters, stickers, and other agit/prop for the November 30th Actions to End Corporate Rule. For more info: email

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