Amnesty Internat'l conference in Fla.
October 1999

A new chapter of Amnesty International is on University of Florida campus. The new human rights group is off to a great start thanks to involvement in Radical Rush. Radical Rush was excellent because it allowed people to know that Amnesty International was active in town.

After just four meetings there are already about 20 active members, and about 75 people receiving information about Amnesty through e-mails.

One of the upcoming events that the group is looking forward to is the Amnesty Southern Regional Conference in Orlando on the weekend of October 22-24. It will be a great learning expereince for everyone in the new group.

The conference is expecting many people from all over the Souther Region, including about 25 from the Gainesville area. The Conference is anticipated to be very motivating, and organizers anticipate it will get the new group moving in the right direction.

Amnesty International is planning on having several activities throughout the year, such as participating in Human Rights Day and Amnesty's Student Week of Action that will be focusing on Child Soldiers.

Amnesty meetings are held on Monday at 6:30 p.m., but the room location on campus varies. For information about the group or to join please contact either Cheryl at 271-1980 or Susanne at 336-8045,

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