September 1999

Justice for Women NOW, a rally calling for the prosecution of crimes against women has been called by Campus National Organization for Women, Saturday, October 9 at City Hall from noon-2 p.m. The rally grows out of NOW's efforts to get justice in the Lisa Gier King case. As women hear about that struggle, many have come forward with stories of being unable to get protection from and prosecution of their attackers. The rally will include a speak-out and all women with this type of experience are invited to contact Campus NOW to participate. Call 377-9935 or ufsfccNOW@juno.com .

No Debt, No Sweat: Organizing for Global Justice is the title of a conference Sept. 23-26 in Washington D.C. organized by the 50 Years is Enough Network, which organizes against IMF and World Bank power and policies. A rally is also planned at noon on Sunday, Sept. 26 at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, as the world's finance ministers gather for a meeting of the IMF's "interim committee" which will consider the G-7's inadequate debt relief proposal. For more information call 202 463-2265 or check out www.50years.org.

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