Hiroshima-Nagasaki Vigil August 7
July/August 1999

Nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war have dropped off the front page even though nuclear weapons are still being produced and deployed by nations around the globe. The Trident submarine represents one of the most lethal of the delivery systems with multiple missilies containing multiple nuclear warheads. (The Navy prefers to call them "re-entry bodies," but they are warheads nonetheless.) These subs are based in St. Marys, Ga., just across the Florida line.

The Metanoia Peace Community has maintained a presence in St. Marys for over a decade, and have annually hosted a Hiroshima Nagasaki commemoration. This year the peace vigil will be on Saturday, August 7, from 3-5 pm, and following the vigil there will be a fellowship supper at a local restaurant. The vigil will be at the Main Gate of the Kings Bay Trident Submarine Base on SR Spur 40. Take the first exit off I-95 after you enter Georgia and turn right to get directly to the gate. For more information locally, call 335-5827.

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