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July/August 1999

Project Censored on your radio: Every Monday at 12:10. Starting July 11, WUFT-FM (Classic 89) will broadcast a five minute profile of one of the top 25 censored stories of 1998. The brief radio pieces are produced by Project Censored, which every year identifies the top stories censored from the mainstream media. Among the top stories of '98: Secret International Trade Agreement Undermines the Sovereingty of Nations; Monsanto's Genetically Modified Seeds Threaten Crop World Production; Chemical Corporations Profit off Breast Cancer; Recycled Radioactive Metals May Be in Your Home; U.S. Weapons of Mass Destruction Linked to the Deaths of Half a Million Children in Iraq; US Nuclear Program Subverts Comprehensive Test Ban.

Competitors warm up for a skateboarding contest held on the new half-pipe built in the parking lot behind Smoke. Smoke is on West University Ave. a couple of doors east of the Civic Media Center. The contest was part of a music & skate event held June 16.

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