Get on the Sustainable Alachua County Listserv
Steve Schell
July/August 1999

If you have internet access and are interested in community development, transportation, historical preservation, or environmental issues, just to name a few, you should consider subscribing to the Sustainable Alachua County (SAC) Listserv. The listserv is a local electronic discussion forum and its number of subscribers is growing everyday.

Some of the issues that have been discussed lately on the listserv include:

  1. Gas tax
  2. Dollar General deal
  3. Depot Avenue redevelopment
  4. Lynch park
  5. Transportation funding
  6. Springhills development
  7. University Ave redevelopment

SAC provides this listserv to allow all interested persons to discuss community issues as they relate to sustainability. Contrasting points of view are welcome and can spur lively debate on many issues. Anyone may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. You may want to subscribe and just read the comments from others, but if you ever want to make a comment yourself, simply send an email, which all other susbscribers to the list will be able to read.

Here are the instructions to subscribe to the listserv. Follow them exactly to ensure your request takes effect.


1. New Regular Subscription
To submit a regular subscription to the Sustainable-L List Server, please send an email message to:

In the body of your message write:

SUBSCRIBE sustainable-L Firstname Lastname
(Your message should have NO SUBJECT LINE and NOTHING in the body of the message except the message above.

2. Posting messages to Sustainable-L

When you post a message on the listserv it is delivered to all subscribers. You do not receive a copy of your own posts. And please remember to indicate in the subject line a word or phrase that gives some indication of your message contents.

Address subsequent messages for discussion/posting to:

Special Note: If, after you have successfully subscribed to the listserv, you change your personal email address in any way, then you must UNSUBSCRIBE first and then renew the subscription process as, in effect, a new subscriber.

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