Civic Media Center conducts membership drive
November/December 1998

The Civic Media Center, fresh from celebrating its fifth anniversary, will launch a membership drive for November and December to build financial support in the community which will tide it over the next few months, when not as many events can be held due to the holidays and people leaving town.

The Media Center, located at 1021 W. University Ave., is a home-grown and entirely community-funded library and reading room of the non-corporate press. It is one of just a few venues of its type in the whole country.

It survives only if the community supports it. The volunteers can set up and host events, catalog new books and tapes, do publicity and fliering, produce the newsletter, keep the membership records and send renewal notices, etc., etc., but the broader community must do its part by contributing to the Media Center at events and through buying (and renewing) annual memberships.

Membership in the Civic Media Center allows you to check out books and tapes, and know that you are part of a support network that keeps the alternative media and viewpoints accessible. Your donations keep the bills paid and the lights on, the speakers, films and music shows happening, and allows us to build on our successes.

A couple of months ago, a UF staffer came by the Civic Media Center with a payroll deduction form put out by the United Way and promoted by UF for people to donate a small amount per week to various organizations listed. Her question was--why isn't the Civic Media Center on the list?

Right now we are promoting our own direct deposit drive. We'll be switching our banking to the Campus Federal Credit Union, and setting up a simple procedure for this, so whether your membership/donation is done in a lump annually, a monthly or quarterly pledge, or just a simple, regular small deduction from your account to ours will be building the regenerating local funding base we've always hoped for and worked towards.

Please take this opportunity to help out or at least contact us so we can send you more information. Write the Civic Media Center at 1021 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601. Our phone number is 352 373-0010.

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