Pledge resistance...Radical Rush Sept. 15-18
September 1998

In a first of what could be an annual happening, the many progressive organizations of Gainesville are uniting for what's being called Radical Rush '98. (from Radical, adj., advocating fundamental change in society by addressing the root cause of oppression; and Rush, adj., to entertain before making bids for membership).

Loosely modeled on the recruitment system used by fraternities and sororities (but without the hazing, drinking, and judgements based on social class and appearence) participating progressive organizations will table at Turlington Hall on Tuesday through Friday, Sept 15-18.

On Friday the tabling will be followed by a 6 p.m.-10 p.m. social at the Civic Media Center (CMC) with free food from the fine cooks at Everybody's Kitchen (a free restaurant on wheels). A live music show, featuring the Habituals and Mahoney, will round out the evening. Participating groups will have representatives at the CMC that Friday night, too, to talk about their organizations and provide information about joining up.

Participating groups include (so far): Environmental Action Group, Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, Anti-Racist Action, Free Radio Gainesville, Anarchist Black Cross Federation, Humanistic Atheist Students Association (HASA), Gainesville Committee for Democracy in Mexico, Campus National Organization for Women, Gainesville Industrial Workers of the World, Veterans for Peace, University International Democratic Socialists, and the Civic Media Center.

For more info call the Civic Media Center at 373-0010 and ask for Jimmy.

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