About that $20,000 for Dan Quayle ...
Jenny Brown
September 1998

An appeals court ruled in August that a university cannot use a student's mandatory activity and service fee to finance political groups the student opposes. They ruled in favor of three Christian students who opposed their fees going to fund 18 groups at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. These included environmental groups, women's groups, a gay rights group and the Madison Treaty Rights Group, which works for native American rights. Support of such groups violated "the students' First Amendment right to "Freedom of Belief." (Gainesville Sun, 8/12/98)

The legal theory behind this is... interesting. If we can't be taxed for things we don't believe in, I guess I'll be getting a big check from the IRS next year for all the mandatory taxes I paid in for the U.S. military. (The average family has paid $35,000 in taxes for the military in the past decade.)

UF also owes me big bucks. Think of the Accent speakers bureau's boondoggles alone: Dan Quayle ($20,000), John Sununu ($17,000), LA police chief Daryl Gates ($11,800) Jack Kemp ($13,000), Oliver North, Tom Wolfe ($15,000), Jim Wright ($10,500). I look forward to a refund of 6 years of Activity and Service Fees. And while you're at it, throw in any tuition I paid that went towards the Business school, and that program to develop Fuel Air Explosives. Thanks.

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