Campus NOW invites participation
September 1998

The National Organizational for Women is an organization of women and men dedicated to achieving equality for women. University of Florida/Santa Fe Community College Campus National Organization For Women (Campus NOW) is dedicated to fighting for the rights of women at U.F. and S.F.C.C., as well as the community. We believe that the root of women's problems are political, and that women's conditions can be improved by uniting and fighting in a public, political way. Our committees include the Rape Action Committee (RAC), Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action Team (ARRAT), Tabling, Flyering, Fundraising, and Phone tree.

What have we done lately?
Spring 1998:
--Led a campaign to support Manoucheka Thermitus' fight against racism in UF's co-op housing. Administration backed down after Thermitus fought back, backed by pressure and protesting organized by Campus NOW
--Co-sponsored with Gainesville Women's Liberation and Gainesville Area NOW, Gainesville Women's Health Center Comemmorative, "Health Care For People, Not For Profit."

Summer 1998:
--Clinic defense for Ocala and Gainesville abortion clinics, as well as Orlando against Operation Rescue's attacks.

Fall 1998:
--Received award at Black Student Assembly for supporting Manoucheka Thermitus' fight for justice at UF housing co-op.

To get involved in the fight for women's liberation, come to our general meetings on September 9th and September 23rd at 7:30 in Anderson Hall room 210, and every other Wednesday after these dates. Contact information: 377-2301/378-4448 or

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