Newport in, Hutch in runoff
September 1998

How about those election results, old Bobby Summers got sent packing with authority! We look forward to having Dave Newport in the ring, standing up for the public interest and against the big money in this county. Congratulations to his campaign for being positive and issues-based. But we're not done yet, as there is a runoff between Robert Hutchinson and John Martin for the district 4 race. Hutch came in with a strong lead with over 35% of the vote to Martin's 22%, but since nobody got the magic 50% +1, we go to the polls again on Thursday October 1st.

We at the Iguana strongly endorse Hutch in this race. The developers have been backing Martin and they're going to pour a lot of money into this race so they can retain some hold on the County Commission. Those in the environmental and progressive community who are unable to distinguish between Hutch and Martin should spend a few minutes in somber meditation, examine the platforms of the candidates and supporter lists again, and think about what they really want for our county

The fast growth developer gang will probably break out big money and bogus attacks on Hutch, much as they did on Dave Newport in their fabulously expensive failed effort to derail Newport's campaign.

Also on the ballot October 1st will be the runoff between the Democractic State Education Secretary between Ron Howard (not Opie) and Peter Rudy Wallace. We endorse Wallace.

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