Campus NOW's demands on rape on campus
April 1998

Campus NOW demands that UPD provide more accessible services for women who are victims of rape. We demand that the UPD publicize these services: Direct phone line to a qualified, empathetic female officer speficially assigned and trained in assisting rape victims; signs in dormitories and around campus informing students of the direct phone line; three ads per semester in the Alligator explaining women's rights as victims, and services offered by the university.

We demand a free standing women's center which will house: Rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment prevention and recovery programs run by students for students; The Center for Sexual Assault/Abuse Recovery and Education; All campus women's services and groups.

In dealing with rape cases, the Student Conduct Court should hold a jury hearing. The jury should be randomly selected from the student body, not appointees or elected student officials. Mandatory expulsion of any student who had been found guilty of rape by the Student Honor Court or any other court. This would show men on campus the severe punishment they will receive if they rape. These actions will also encourage women to report and prosecute their rapists because they know swift action will be taken.

We demand the University make public the rapists' names and all actions taken against them. In a serious criminal offense such as rape, the rapists' name and punishment should be made public for two reasons: 1) to ensure the safety of women on campus and 2) to inform students of the action that the University is taking against rapists.

We demand that the University of Florida investigate the individual as well as the entire fraternity if the rape occurred in a fraternity house, regardless of how many were directly involved. A fraternity is looked upon and treated as a unified whole. Therefore, when rape is committed in a fraternity house, the entire fraternity should be held accountable.

We demand that the Interfraternity Council's Formal Committee not be allowed to make any "recommended" or have any bearing or say in any judgment that is made against a franternity in reference to rape. This committee has a vested interest in fraternities and sororities, therefore making them unable to make an objective "recommendation."

We demand that UF and UPD address rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment as the result of male supremacy and the power imbalances between men and women. The University of Florida and the University Police Department currently address rape as a safety, communication, and education problem. Increasing safety conditions on campus, telling women to "communicate" themselves, and educating the public DOES NOT STOP RAPE!

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