Labor rallies at capital to protect free speech
April 1998

Around two thousand union members and individuals from a variety of different community groups from across the state gathered in front of the Capitol in Tallahassee for a solidarity rally for working families on March 17. The purpose of the rally was to remind our legislature to address issues like having access to affordable healthcare and accessible childcare that are important for working families. The message of the rally was "solidarity" and speeches by individuals form the State AFL-CIO, the NAACP, and NOW called for us to educate each other on political issues, lobby our congresspersons about our concerns, and to work with building coalitions between unions and other community groups.

After the rally, Elsie Allen, President of the North Central Florida Central Labor Council, led a delegation of union members and those concerned for working families from North Central Florida in lobbying Senator Anna Cowin on her proposed "Pay-check Protection" bill. In Florida, the bill is called the Labor Organizations Deduction Act and the Political Contributions/Wage Deductions bill. The bill is designed to further restrict the political activity of unions and eliminate the ability for unions to educate their members on political issues that are important for working families. It's important for all of us to watch for this bill's resurgence in the legislature and educate other members about its potential for reducing the voice of working people in the political arena. Thanks to all those who came out and stood up for America's working families.

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