February 1998

Micropowered Radio Teach-in featuring members of 87X (Tampa)
Members and friends of Free Radio Gainesville will conduct a teach-in on issues surrounding micropowered radio on Sunday, February 15th at 8pm at the Civic Media Center. The event will feature staffers from 87X ,a Tampa micropowered radio station that was shut down by the FCC last November.

The event, which is being held in conjunction with other micropowered radio teach-ins across the country, will cover such topics as the history and politics of the micropowered radio movement, how to start a low-power radio station and current ways of organizing micropowered radio stations. An open discussion will also take place to discuss how micropowered radio can complement radical organizing efforts in the community and how we can best serve the community. There will also be a hands-on demonstration and broadcast of microbroadcasting equipment.

Call Howard at 373-7465 for more information.

Fair Trade or Bust Bus tour hits Gainesville
Thursday afternoon, Feb. 19, at 1:00 p.m., supporters of Fair Trade and those who think the current Fast Track/NAFTA/GATT policies are going the wrong way are invited to come out and greet a busload of politicos for a rally at the Florida Farm Bureau office on SW 34th St. south of Williston Road.

Organized by Public Citizen, the Nashville to Miami 4-day swing will meet workers, business people, farmers, and visit communities affected by NAFTA, starting from a NAFTA-closed manufacturing plant in Nashville, and going on to a Miami teach-in on Globalization.

House minority whip David Bonier (D-Mich) will lead the tour, which will include at least seven other congresspersons, including Georgia's John Lewis and Florida's Alan Boyd and Karen Thurman. Marilyn Leonard, head of the state AFL-CIO will be there as well as others of note.

The rally will last from 1:15 to around 2:00 pm, so those who can swing their lunch breaks or who can make room in their schedule are encouraged to attend. There will be speakers and some music, and a chance to celebrate the defeat of Fast Track and the growing awareness of so-called "Free trade" and global corporations. For more information locally call 376-3121 (Elsie Alien at the Carpenters Hall) or check out the Public Citizen Global Trade Watch Website at www.citizen.org/gtw.

Mexico Solidarity Growing in Gainesville; Next event Friday, Feb. 20
A meeting at the Civic Media Center on January 21 saw almost 40 Gainesvillians come together, share their varied feelings and experiences about Mexican and Central American solidarity, and resolve to begin meeting and raising awareness about the growing Mexican conflict of poor people versus military repression. On January 31, a visiting nun from Chiapas spoke to a large crowd at St. Augustine Church about the struggle the peasants face in Chiapas with the military and landowner-inflicted violence and disruption of day-to-day life. The next chance for people to hear about Chiapas will be Friday, Feb. 20 at 7:30 at the Civic Media Center when Dr. Allan Bums of the UF Anthropology Dept and Center for Latin American Studies presents a showing of his "Real and Imaginary Chiapas", a 35-minute videotape of Marcos, the EZLN, and the Indian people of Chiapas. The video will be followed by discussion of the recent events in Chiapas.

Those who wish more information on the struggle in Mexico can also check out the Zapatismo News Page at http://www.ezln.org/.

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