Jericho March '98
February 1998

Plans are underway for Jericho '98, a march for amnesty and freedom for all political prisoners in D.C. March 27-29. The march is scheduled to coincide with spring break at many schools, although UF's spring breakis earlier.

A broad coalition of groups, from the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) of NJ to the New African Liberation Front are working to bring a large number of students and others to D.C. to raise a collective voice. For info on the march, call (212) 330-8362 or email

Last month we reported on the good news that Philadelphia's "King of Death Row", Albert Sabo, was forcibly retired in early December. This does not mean we can assume Mumia Abu-Jamal is safe, but it is a step in that direction.

More good news, Shaka Shakur, one of the Indiana Six disciplined for organizing a silent protest of the execution of Ziyon Yisrayah, has finally been released after doing 15 years for armed robbery. He was 16 when he was locked up. (See January '97 Iguana for the full story on the Indiana Six.)

Geronimoji-Jaga Prattwill speak in Gainesville on Feb. 23 (see front page.)

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