Run education like a business?
Tom Auxter
October 1997

"Run Education Like a Business" was the rallying cry of Associated Industries and other pro-business groups when they lobbied the Florida Legislature in 1982 to keep education spending low and make improvements through "efficiency." Today the "Business Education Partnership," consisting of the CEO's of the most powerful corporations of Florida and the presidents of two universities, lobbies for policies of quick dismissal (without cause and without due process) of faculty members. They see this as a way to get rid of the less "productive" faculty members and operate the universities in a more "business-like" manner in order to deal with larger enrollments. University programs are now funded according to how many students they produce and how much private money they attract.

Is this what we expect for higher education? Or does the reduction of university life to business standards corrupt the mission of the institution?

The above will be the theme of a lecture and discussion at the Civic Media Center on Tuesday evening November 4th at 8:15 p.m. Dr. Auxter is a long time member of the philosophy department at the University of Florida. All interested persons are invited, the event is free but a donation will be asked to support the not-for-profit Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Ave.; 373-0010.

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