Cancel Cassini Demo July 26th
July/August 1997

The Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice is holding a major campaign to bring awareness of the push for weapons in space and the risks associated with nuclear power in space, centered on the launch of the Cassini probe in October. This "scientific" mission could also be done, with some retooling, to use solar power, but instead is launching over 72 pounds of plutonium as a power generation source.

Scientists and activists say there is a danger that either in a launch failure or a miscalculated fly-by, the probe could scatter plutonium over large areas of the planet.

When we see what solar power is doing on the current Mars probe, we can rightly ask, why 72 pounds of plutonium? Well, if you're going to use weapons in space--lasers and particle beams--you need to create some serious juice. So this is a test.

Saturday, July 26, busses from around the state will bring people to a day of protest at Cape Canaveral. There will also be a vigil at the Cape in the week preceding the 26th of July.

Locally, Veterans for Peace is sponsoring a bus or busses for an inexpensive $5-10 sliding scale (less if you can't) per ticket. Bring food for a pot-luck to be shared when you arrive at the Cape prior to the protest.

Call the Florida Coalition at 468-3295 information. Call 495-2135 for bus information.

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