Fliering fight resurfaces
July/August 1997

Last summer and fall saw a campaign of petition signature gathering, meetings, and a march and speak out to repeal the law which says Gainesvillians can be arrested for posting fliers on utility poles. Last September, the State Attorney dropped charges against 3 people who were demanding jury trials after they were arrested for putting notices on poles.

Following a couple of City Commission meetings, in which 2,700 signatures advocating repeal of the law were presented, while the repeal was not won, the issue seemed to fade from sight and the police seem to be again turning a blind eye to flierers.

But the wheels of governmental-micro-managing have been slowly and silently turning and there's word out that the idea of information kiosks, accompanied by renewed enforcement of statute 17-2, will be on the agenda of the CRA (that's the Community Redevelopment Agency, for you non-wonks) which is chaired by Commissioner Sande Calkins. The agenda has not yet been set for the July 21 CRA meeting. The agenda will be set on July 17. Once it is discussed by the CRA, it may be put before the full Commission again. Call the City for more information: 334-5016.

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