Anti-nuclear protester imprisoned in Tallahassee
May/June 1997

Michele Naar-Obed is serving an 18 month sentence in the Tallahassee FCI for a nonviolent witness against nuclear weapons which occurred on August 7, 1995. She and friends hammered and poured blood on a fast attack submarine in Newport News, Va., and then indicted the guards with violating international law and God's law. She is refusing to pay her fines on moral grounds, so the authorities are threatening to make her serve 85% of her 3-year probation.

"Why should we protest?" she writes. "For one, more and more people have a vision of a world based on justice and equality for all people. We dream of a world where resources are shared, where all people have access to adequate food, housing and medical care... Many of us feel this military madness is overwhelming and become paralyzed or apathetic... Meanwhile, precious talents, resources, and lots of money that should be spent on basic community services are wasted on weapons of mass destruction with billion dollar price tags."

Michele is a member of the Jonah House, a community of faith dedicated to speaking out against militarism and violence. The community was founded by Elizabeth McAlister and Phil Berrigan and is based in Baltimore, MD. Michele's husband, Greg-Boertje-Obed and her 2 1/2 year old daughter Rachel live there.

Michele writes, "Another important reason to protest is to let the governments and institutions know they do not have our consent. To be silent is to be complicit. They do not have our permission to poison our air, water and land. It is not all right to steal our tax dollars and threaten the world with nuclear holocaust. We do not give our consent to have their toxic waste dumped in our backyards. Our children will someday inherit this mess and when they ask us if we tried to stop it, what will we say?"

Since Michele is locked up far from home, peace and justice-minded Floridians should write to her. Send letter, publications, cards, etc. to: Michele Naar-Obed, #15007-056 GEIB, PMB 1000, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

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