Graduate Assistants United--National Day of Action
March 1997

Graduate Assistants United, the University of Florida union for students who work as teaching or research assistants, joined in with other Graduate Assistants from over thirty other campuses on February 27 for a National Day of Action. As universities cram in more students while at the same time squeezing budgets for hiring faculty, it's TA's who fill the void, at a fraction of the cost. (At UF, male professors average $68,350 a year, male assistant professors $42,630, and teaching assistants $8,041)

Under the slogan "Don't be a tool", the GAU handed out screwdrivers and information sheets to hundreds of students, in what GAU co-president Christian Gregory called an "Enormously successful day of action." GAU signed up many new members and got the word out that GAU exists and is here to fight for the rights of Graduate Assistants.

Gregory (below right) seen here with GAU co-president Dean Dabney, were among two dozen who spoke out at the Plaza of the Americas. Speakers included undergraduates, graduate assistants, alumni and faculty.

GAU urged GA's to email Regent Betty Capaldi to object to erosions in GA tuition waivers and job security. Her email address is and her phone number is 392-2404.

GAU's next meeting is March 28 at 5 p.m. in the Orange and Brew, Reitz Union. You can reach GAU at 392-0274.

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