Black Liberation Radio busted
Makani Themba
March 1997

In early February, the FCC raided Black Liberation Radio in Decatur, Illinois and seized all the equipment. Black Liberation Radio, an unlicensed radio station operated by Napolean and Mildred Williams, has been a growing thorn in the side of the local power structure. BLR has brought together the predominantly white workers who have undergone bitter strikes in the 90s (Caterpillar, etc.) with unemployed blacks and whites. It has given them all a voice, not just locally but to a degree nationally (Napolean Williams was the keynote speaker at the recent Micro Broadcasters Convention in Oakland).

This pioneering station must go back on the air. Napoleon requests donations to help them fight this. Please send what you can to: Napoleon Williams, 637 E Center St., Decatur IL 63526. In the face of a growing police state, Napoleon and Mildred are fighting back. They need your help.

Call to protest: Illinois State Attorney General Jim Ryan, 217-782-1090 and Macon County States Attorney Lawrence "Larry" Fichter 217-424-1400.

101 South Main, Decatur, IL 62523.

Makani Themba can be reached at

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