Hightower cancelled again
February 1997

Now you hear it, now you don't.

The star-crossed relationship of populist radio host Jim Hightower and Gainesville radio listeners took another twist when the management of WLUS yanked the rug out from under Hightower fans by replacing the affable Texan with their old war horse Chuck Harder. Harder resurfaced with his same old shtick after having sold his operations in White Springs to the People's Radio Network and dropping off the radar last fall.

Those of you who'd tuned in to Hightower know what a welcome voice he was to left-leaning folks frustrated by the rightwing-God and country/Clinton is Evil Incarnate radio. Hightower, considerably to the left of Clinton, spread his blame to the bigger picture: the corrupt political system and know-nothing media which fiddle around while our jobs, social services, and quality of life are sold to the low bidder.

Take heart--there may be a Hightower in your future. Can't say anything yet, but we'll let you know when we can.

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