Civic Media Center celebrates third birthday with talk by David Barsamian
October 1996

October 18 will mark three years since the Civic Media Center opened its doors, and the CMC is proud to bring to town independent radio producer David Barsamian to celebrate the occasion. Barsamian is the founder of Alternative Radio, heard locally most Monday's at 12:15 on Classic 89 and on over 120 other stations across the U.S. and Canada. Barsamian will be the guest speaker at a CMC fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 18 at the Unitarian Fellowship, 2814 NW 43rd St. The evening will start with a dessert social at 7 p.m., with Barsamian's talk, "Beyond Politics as Usual" at 8 p.m. followed by a question and answer period. Barsamian will also be a guest on the Conner Calling call-in show Friday at 12:15 p.m. on WUFT and he will speak at UF classes in the afternoon.

Barsamian is perhaps the most appropriate speaker the CMC could host to celebrate this occasion, since he has made progressive, independent and left voices available to so many people who would not otherwise get this perspective and information. His program got its start when he was a DJ in Boulder, Colorado and began playing recorded speeches within his program of world music in 1986. Listeners were turned on by the idea, and Alternative Radio was born. Alternative Radio tapes speeches by progressive activists and thinkers and provides tapes free to radio stations. It is supported through direct tape sales to individuals. His catalog of tapes and transcripts (which is available at the CMC along with about 50 of his tapes) number in the many hundreds. There are over 100 Noam Chomsky speeches or interviews alone, and he's put collections of Chomsky transcripts and interviews into book form as well. We are eager to show him the Civic Media Center, and indeed we are eager for anyone else reading this who hasn't come by the CMC yet to check it out. A $10-20 annual membership allows you to check out any of 800 books, or hundreds of video and audio tapes. Be part of our celebration, and become a member of the CMC. The Civic Media Center is located at 1021 W. University Ave. Call at 373-0010 or 378-5655 for more information.

David Barsamian gives a workshop on alternative radio production at Z Media Institute in the summer of 1994. Barsamian will speak at the Civic Media Center's third birthday party on Friday, October 18, at the Unitarian Fellowship, 2814 NW 43rd St. Photo: Konstantin Ahrndt.

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