October 1996

What's all the fuss about the cement plant? Well, those who know where it's to be built know one big concern. This is an aerial photo of the site, just northeast of Newberry near the small community of Haile. Much of this area has already been excavated for limerock, and more will be mined by Florida Rock if the plant is built. These limerock quarries often go down to the aquifer, making it particularly important that they not be contaminated with airborne particles that would come out of the plant's furnace. The elevated area shown is where the plant is to be built. The plant is to burn 60,000 tires a week. The tires have to be sprayed with pesticide or they will breed mosquitoes. More poison in the water, not to mention what happens when the pesticide is burned with the tires. The Haile Community Association is doing a petition drive for a clean air ordinance (call 472-9359).

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