Rethinking America class closes with topic "Why Universities?"
November/December 1995

The final class of the seven week series at the Civic Media Center on "Rethinking America" will be held Tuesday, November 14. UF Philosophy professor Tom Auxter will speak on the topic "Why Universities", exploring the changing role of universitites between the 1930's and 1990's including the change to corporation funded science, the effect of the influx of corporate dollars, and decline in support for the humanities. The program starts at 8 p.m.

Audiotapes of all of the classes are available at the Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Ave. They include Kali Blount on the Black Liberation Movement, Jenny Brown on the Women's Liberation Movement, Bill Edwards on the Labor Movement, and talks covering the 'bell curve' and scientific racism, the militia movement, and overcoming disinformation. Between twenty and fourty-five people attended the classes, which were co-sponsored by the CMC and organized by Joe Courter, Norm Markel, John Moore, and Charles Willett.

Photo captions:
Tom Auxter will teach the "Why Universities" class, the last of the Rethinking America series, on Tuesday, November 14, at 8 p.m. at the Civic Media Center.

Kali Blount taught the Black Liberation Movement class, October 24.

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