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Hello, and welcome to the Hogtown Board Sailors Club known as HTBS. Our club is situated in beautiful Gainesville, Fl; a great place to windsurf. So you're probably wondering how to get to our lakes and begin to have FUN!!! We will provide you with information on how to get there via Email, so if you really need more information, just Email us. Come have some fun at our Club Races and Parties. If you're new to Gainesville and want to know a little more about what lakes you can windsurf at, then you should come to one of our monthly meetings . If you would like to know where the meeting is going to be held just email us and we'll give you the information so you can attend.

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    Here are some clubs and worth while places:

Atlanta Board Sailing Club
This is a Club located in Washington State
Beth Powell's Banana River Windsurfing Resort on the Banana river (FL).
Shell Point Sailboard Club (FL)
Dave Cheeseman's Windsurfing page
Link that shows you up to date info. on what the wind, waves, and temps are like.

Questions, Comments? Email the HTBS Club. Or if you can't use the mailto command, go here.

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