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Subway is a fast food restaurant in Hawthorne, Florida. The first time I went to Subway it was very exciting and fun. Subway is next door to Video Tyme. It has dark yellow walls with newspaper design wallpaper. I got their good ham sandwich kids meal with a kool-aid drink. It came with a free toy. They have a lot of different subs, for example, the meatball sub or a small sub with everything ion it. My friends like Subway and I do too because they have fresh subs and always have cold drinks ready. 

Sometimes, if I am good, my grandma carries me there. That is always a special time for us both. Subway is our favorite place to go. Sometimes I even get a movie from next door when we leave.

It is important to have a place like this in Hawthorne because if you are in a hurry and need a good sub you can go to Subway. I went to Subway one time because I was very hungry and I didn't feel like having anything but a fresh sub at Subway. So my mom said oh let's go to subway and get some fresh hot and ready to go subs. 

Now maybe you will take my advice for some good subs at the one and only Subway in town. 

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